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Film permit applications for North Los Angeles County unincorporated areas, City of Palmdale and City of Lancaster are now being accepted.

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General Filming Rules

Filming Hours - Normal filming hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Any request for filming outside these hours may require a signature survey showing significant support of the requested activity from the affected residents.

Fire - Production companies are responsible for contacting and hiring Fire Safety Advisors/Officers as determined by their permit. The Film Office will submit all permits to the LA County Fire Dept Film Desk for review and determination of the need for Fire Safety Advisors/Officers and water trucks on site during filming.

Gunfire/Firearms - Gunfire or the brandishing of firearms must be identified in the permit request. This activity requires a Sheriff be present to ensure safety and proper notification to appropriate law enforcement offices. Gunfire requires extensive notification beyond the standard 500 feet to ensure all those potentially affected by filming are aware of activity. If deemed necessary by the Film Office, a signature survey may be required showing significant support of the requested activity from affected residents.

Inspection - Production must allow inspection of the film site by City staff at any time. A copy of the approved permit must remain at the filming location.

Notification - Notification of residents and/or businesses within 500 feet of the filming location and associated activity is required a minimum of two (2) working days in advance of the first filming day. Complicated filming activities may require notification of additional areas to be determined by the Film Office. Notification may be done by Production or if done by the Film Office will be billed to production.

Private Property - Production is required to obtain the property owner's permission, consent, and/or lease for use of property not owned or controlled by the City. A consent form is available for download. See ''Release Forms'' Page.

Restoration - The permittee shall restore site to the original condition upon completion of shooting unless otherwise approved by the property owner.

Sheriff - Production companies are responsible for contacting and hiring Sheriff Deputies if required by their permit. All Sheriff Deputies have the authority to enforce all filming permits issued within the city limits of the City of Lancaster. They are authorized to enforce, modify or revoke a permit for safety reasons.

Signage - All signs erected for filming purposes will be removed upon completion of filming activity as conditioned by the permit. If not removed within 48 hours, the City will remove them and may levy a fee upon production.

Signature Survey - The Film Office may require a signature survey detailing the proposed filming activity. Production will be responsible for obtaining signatures of affected residents and businesses. The Film Office will provide a signature survey form and a map or list of addresses. A significant majority of those surveyed must not be opposed to the filming for activity to be permitted.

Special Effects - Any filming activity that requires the use of flammable materials, explosive devices or open flames is considered a special effect. The Film Office submits all permit requests directly to the Los Angeles County Fire Department Film Desk for approval of all special effects. Special effects may require extensive notification to residents and businesses beyond the standard 500 feet to ensure that all those potentially affected by the activity are notified. If deemed necessary by the Film Office, a signature survey may be required, showing significant support of the requested activity from affected residents.

Special Monitors - When necessary a monitor will be assigned to an individual production at a cost billed to the production company which includes filming that occurs on City-owned property, complicated filming activity, and frequently filmed areas, etc.).

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